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Implants FAQ  (some answers to the questiones may vary depending on the doctor preferences, this is the questiones I often receive from my patients, and my answers to these questiones)

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 Q: How long the implant will last?
A: We cannot expect from the implant any more than we expect from the tooth, except that the implant would not decay or need root canal treatment. I would not also expect from them any less. The long term of the implant depends on many factors, such as you general oral health, hygiene, frequency of you “cleaning” appointments, condition of you bone etc

 Q: Do I need to take any special care of implants?
A: Implants do not require any special care, but good oral hygiene and regular professional “cleanings” will insure long life of the implant. 

  Q: Do I have to take time off my job after the surgery?
A:  Most of our patients will go back to work the next day after the surgery. However, like with any other surgery complications may occur.
 Q: I need extraction of the tooth, when can I put implant?
A: In many cases, we can place implant at the same visit as the extraction. It depends on the conditions of the tooth, being extracted, and the bone surrounding it. If the conditions allow immediate placement of the implant, it is a great idea of doing it right away

 Q: What are the advantages of placement implants at time of extraction?
A:1.     It is only one surgery instead of two.2.     The site is practically ready for implant, much less drilling.3.     Preserves more bone4.     Takes less time for final restorations.5.     Gives better cosmetic results in front areas (preserves natural shape of the gum)

 Q: Does it hurt?
A: The procedure is done under local anesthesia, and patients do not feel any pain during the surgery. Most of the patients will require only one or two doses of painkillers afterwards. In rare cases, discomfort and post-surgical pain lasts for a few days and patients will need to take painkillers during this time. 

Q: Do I have to take antibiotics after the surgery?
A: The need for antibiotics is decided on case-by-case bases, depending on number of factors.

 Q: Implant is an expensive procedure. What guarantee can you give me?

A: There is no guarantee in medicine! According to different dental publication the succes rate of implants in a healthy person with enough bone support is 92-96%. Smoking, some immune system diseases and other factors can put patient in higher risk situation. You should always ask your dentist on their policy of failed implants. In most cases if implant fails the surgery can be succefully repeated (we do not charge patients for the redo surgery)

or you are not going to have any complications. Run away from somebody who promises you that.